Am I Exempt From Jury Duty?

The Louisiana Supreme Court has revised its rules as to which groups and classes of persons are exempt from jury service.

Public officers, physicians, lawyers, judges, members of the armed forces, police and fire departments, and clergy are no longer exempt.  One is exempted from jury duty only if he served less than two years prior to his next scheduled service date.  Those who are seventy years of age or older also may claim an exemption.  However, one must expressly claim an exemption each time he is summoned; It is not automatically granted.  One may claim an exemption based upon prior service or age by calling the jury management room at (504) 271-3434 or by mail to the return address indicated on the summons.

The law does provide, however, for excusal from jury duty for medical, hardship, or other reasons.  Excusal requests for those reasons must be submitted to the Clerk of Court for its review.  Instructions on excusal requests are given in the jury summons.

To inquire about excusals, exemptions, or any other jury-service issues, you may call the Clerk of Court during the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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