Mortgage/UCC Fees

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See Additional Recording Fee section below for other charges that may apply. Every document filed for recordation shall be captioned as to type of act on the 1st page and shall have on the 1st page a margin of 2″ at the top and 1″ at the bottom and sides. The type size shall not be less than 8 point, R.S. 13:844(B)(2). Documents to be recorded may be either 8 1/2″ x 11″ or 8 1/2″ x 14″ paper. Filing a document in two record books, e.g. mortgage & conveyance or conveyance & donation, costs twice the basic fee.

Document Recording (includes up to 10 names indexed, a certified copy and the LCRAA portage fee):
Basic recording cost for 1-5 pages : $105
Basic recording cost for 6-25 pages: $205
Basic recording cost for 26-50 pages: $305
Basic recording cost for 51 or more pages: $305 for first 50
+ $5 per additional page
Index fee after 10th name: $5 per name
Paper size larger than: 8 1/2″ x 14″ $20 per page
Debtor Fee (No SS# or Tax ID): $25 per debtor
Mortgage Releases (Cancellations)
Cancellation/Partial Release (single cancellation): $55.00
Cancellation/Partial Release (multiple cancellations): Based on per-page fees above.
Inscriptions (each additional): $10
Affidavit of Identity (La. R.S. 9:5503):
Judgment or lein prior to 7/1/2012: $23 + $6 per additional page, $3 per additional name
Judgment or lein after 7/1/2012: $0
Marginal notation for reference: $5.00 per reference
Clocked Conformed Copy (if supplied at time of filing): $5.00 per copy per document
General Conveyance & Mortgage Certificates
1 name and 1 tract or project: $20.00
Each additional name: $10.00
Each additional tract: $20.00
Conveyance Certificates
Each name: $20.00
Each Additional name: $10.00
Each name (Redated): $10.00
Each additional site: $20.00
Mortgage Certificates
First name: $20.00
Each Additional name: $10.00
Each name (Redated): $10.00
Each additional site: $20.00
Lien & Privilege Certificates
1st name: $20.00
Each Additional name: $10.00
Some prices vary depending on when inscription being cancelled was filed.
Oyster Lease: $100
Notice of Repossession: $75
Partial Cancellations: Add $5.00 per lot after 1st lot released
Copy ONLY (from imaged document and not certified): up to $2.00 per page
Conformed Copies $5.00 + copy fee
Certified Copy: $10.00 + copy fee
Portal Fee: (effective 9/1/2014, per La. R.S.: 13:754) Actual amount
IRS Tax Leins (includes recordation of lien in Mortgage and UCC records and cancellation of the lien in UCC records): $135
Additional fee for cancellation of a single lien in the mortgage records $55
UCC – 11 (Search)
Per Debtor Name $30
Additional listing after the first 10 $1.00 each
Photocopies $1 each
Certified Copies $10 each plus copy costs
UCC – 1
Financing Statement $30
Financing Statement w/Assignment $35
Financing Statement relative to “as extracted collateral” or fixture filing $40
Financing Statement(Transmitting Utility) $205
Financing Statement(Public Fin. Transaction) $105
Additional Pages $2 per page
Additional Debtor Names $10
Each Non-Standard Form Fee $15 each
UCC – 3
Amendment $25
Continuation $25
Assignment $25
Debtor Correction $25
Master Assignment/Amendment $5 per financing statement
Termination ($5 per debtor paid at time of original filing) $0
Additional Debtors Named on Original $5 each