Mortgage/UCC Fees

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Document Recording:
Basic recording cost for the 1st page of ANY document filed (includes state portal fee): $45.00
For each additional page: $10.00
See Additional Recording Fee section below for other charges that may apply. The basic document recording fee applies to any document of 8 pt. type size or greater. Filing a document in two record books, e.g. mortgage & conveyance or conveyance & donation, costs twice the basic fee.
Affidavit of Identity (La. R.S. 9:5503):
For the 1st page (includes state portal fee): 45.00
For each additional page: $10.00
Additional Recording Fees: $10.00 per page
Late attachment of Clerk of Court mortgage or conveyance certificates: $10.00 per set
Indexing of names beyond the 1st name (per La. law, includes maiden name and all married first and last names and variations thereof): $5.00 per name
Marginal notation for reference: $5.00 per reference
Clocked Conformed Copy (if supplied at time of filing): $3.00 per copy per document $3.00 per copy per document
General Conveyance & Mortgage Certificates
Each name: $20.00
Conveyance Certificates
Each name: $20.00
Each Additional name: $10.00
Each name (Redated): $10.00
Each additional site: $10.00
Mortgage Certificates
First name: $20.00
Each Additional name: $10.00
Each name (Redated): $10.00
Each additional site: $10.00
Lien & Privilege Certificates
1st name: $20.00
Each Additional name: $20.00
Some prices vary depending on when inscription being cancelled was filed.
Oyster Lease: $100
Notice of Repossession: $75
Partial Cancellations: Add $5.00 per lot after 1st lot released
Copy ONLY (from imaged document and not certified): $1.00 per page
Mailed Copies: $2.00 per page
Faxed Copies: $3.00 per page
Certified copies (clerk makes copy or provided at time of filing): $10.00 per document plus copy costs
Long certified copy: $20.00 per document plus copy cost
Fax Fees
Local or long distance use: $3.00 per page
Portal Fee: (effective 9/1/2014, per La. R.S.: 13:754) $5.00 per recorded act